Date: October 11, 2017 at 2:12 pm
DAILY DIARIES (3rd October-10th October)

Route 4 Day 7: 2nd October at Kawardha

Public rally with school children

The young lot has always been the most active one in the yatra. Like many other yatras the rally in Kawardha started with the support of school children. The students of government primary school Kawardha initiated the rally from their school to Veer Savarkar Bhawan, schools, poly technic colleges and anganvadi workers from the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Department.

Main Yatra Day 22: 3rd October at Indor

After receiving a wonderful response from the State of Maharashtra, Bharat Yatra moved to embrace the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh and reached the birthplace of Mr.Satyarthi with much revelry. The cities of Indore, Bhopal, Vidisha joined into raise their voice and receive with much warmth and love the torchbearer of the campaign that is dedicated to ensure ‘Safe Childhood, Safe India’.

Public Event at the Hosiar College

The event hosted by Kautilya Academy was at the Govt. Autonomous Holkar Science College, saw participation from various schools and colleges started by a welcome speech where the host thanked and appreciated the Bharat Yatra team for marching across the nation for better future of children. Students participated in large numbers with their school banners and showed their support for Yatra.
Key messages from the dignitaries

“It is a proud moment for Madhya Pradesh that Mr. Satyarthi, who is born here, is championing for the rights of children across the nation and the whole world.”- Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma “Your presence here shows that India has woken up against wrong doers.”- Shri. Kailash Satyarthi

Public Rally from Holkar Science College to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV)

The event was followed by a 4 kms long march. The march saw people walking on streets shouting slogans and singing songs. People were showering flowers over the core marchers. There were different banners on the way welcoming the Bharat Yatris. Once the marchers entered the university, various departments and their respective heads welcomed Shri. Satyarthi and the core marchers.

Public event at DAVV

After the march culminated in DAVV, there was a public event that saw Mr. Satyarthi talking about the purpose of the Yatra. He said that after a lot of struggles has India got independence. It is a major task to keep India safe. Our soldiers stand up against all forces that challenge our safety from outside. He talked about the social structures that disable us in the name of social honor. Due to this, victims and their families live their lives in fear. He said that fear, silence and indifference are the enemy of the whole nation.

Key messages from the Dignitaries

“What you think as poverty is backed by a curse, the curse of destroying human integrity.”-Shri. Kailash Satyarthi “India may be the land of thousand problems, but it is also the land of 1 billion solutions.”- Shri. Kailash Satyarthi “Youth should unite rising above ideologies. Ideologies, caste, race; religion should not impede the spirit of the youth. I salute the idealism, the constructive anger you have in you.” – Shri. Kailash Satyarthi

Student Program at the Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium

Indore Management Association hosted an event at the Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium. This event was organized as a part of their Student Chapter Program. The event saw participation of MBA students from Indore Management Association. The event started by a welcome speech where the host thanked and appreciated the Bharat Yatra team for marching across the nation for the better future of children.

Key messages from the dignitaries

“What is the use of development and promotions if we keep forgetting our own children? We are behind money and have no time for our children for them to share their issues.”- Mr. Kailash Satyarthi “Corporate should not only be about money making. To come across as good we kill our souls. We should not kill our souls when it concerns our children.”- Mr.Kailash Satyarthi

Cultural Event at Agrasen Bhawan

Pancham Nishad Sangeet Sansthan hosted a wonderful cultural evening. The event saw the musical performances by the students of Pancham Nishad Sangeet Sansthan. It was a very soothing exposure after a day packed with events when the musical variety presented by students raised the tempo of the environment.

Route 2

Day 10: 3rd October at Baliya

After the Patna march, with the addition of ten marchers from Ranchi, a slightly bigger team of core marchers left for Baliya, where we were all warmly welcomed by a sumptuous meal of delicious Litti Chokha at Senger Mansion. All the stress and fatigue faded away as soon as the cultural programme began in which melodious Bhojpuri songs were played. With this refreshing and warm welcome, all the core marchers began the next day withal full energy and spirit.

March with Students A march from Saroj Royal Academy (Chandrashekhar Azzad Chawk to Bhagat Singh Chawk) took place wherein students from various schools including Sun Flower School, St.Xavier School and Saroj Royal Academy in Rasra Baliya) participated with absolute enthusiasm. A total of 2000 students, teachers and locals were led by Dr.Sampurna Behura, Director BBA, Mr. Rakesh, Campaigns Director KSCF. The fervid march culminated at Amar Shaheed Inter College where we had a “Bal Adhikar Sabha “ in the presence of dignitaries like Shri Shailesh Giri Mahraj from Nath Baba Math, Shri Rajeev Srivastav, Social activist, Shri Mukhtar Ul Haq(State Convener BBA, Bihar) and Dr. Behura

Key Messages from Dignitaries

“If the childhood is not safe , we cannot save India.”- Shri. Shailesh Giri Maharaj , Nath Baba Math “I appeal to the stakeholders present to please ensure special courts are set up and special prosecutors must take up cases related to child rights. Also, ensure that the rehabilitation of child victims and survivors are given priority.” –Dr. Sampurna Behura “It is important for the society to set the wrong, right . For ages the victims have been shamed and silenced. Let’s ensure that the voice remains untamed. The So-called honour is not questioned time and again. “-Mr. RakeshSenger, Campaigns Director, KSCF

Day 11: 4th October at Mau

Public Event at Kids Kingdom School

The public event started with the lighting of the lamp and welcoming of core marchers by the management of school. A beautifully choreographed welcome dance was prepared by young girls of the school for our welcome. The dignitaries on the dias were Mr. Mukhtar Ul Haq, Mr. Rakesh Senger, Sanjay Singh Director, Shashi Singh Ms Sopey Thakur , Principal , and Ms. Priyanka Pandey Principal Mother Branch . The core marchers spoke on the aims and objectives of the Bharat Yatra; explaining to the children how child sexual abuse and trafficking create a void in the society by decaying its future as well as the present. In the end, students from “Prayaas”- a mechanism to include the socio economically backward children, performed a skit on cleanliness along with propagating the message to keep one’s environment clean.

Key Messages from Dignitaries

“Your efforts and participation will not go in vain . Your demand, your demand that every child must live a childhood he she deserves will be met.” Mr. Mukhtar Ul Haq “More than 1 crore people have joined hands with us through social media.”- Mr. Rakesh Senger “Each child is a hero. He/ she is also an icon. Look into yourselves and find that hero withinyou. Like you all walked in the sun and raised your voice today. You are all heroes.”- Mr.Rakesh Senger
Ms. Sampurna Behura appealed to the authorities in her address to not only establish a child rights cell in the school but also educate parents on Child Rights. The day ended with two more events. A Nukkad Event was organized by Mr. Pradeep Singh, which saw a participation of around 50 people. The other event at Adarsh Inter College, Mahuabag also saw a participation of 50 people.

Route 4

Day 9: 4th October at Jabalpur

Public Rally on the streets

The rally that started from the town hall was flagged off by Rajya Mantri Shri. Saradh jain and Mayor Dr. Swati Godbole. They were strongly of the opinion that Bharat Yatra was very crucial for the nation. Dignitaries present for the event, said that, the crime against children needed to be stopped and people should go against the crime. And there should be a dynamic system of education and exchange at home in which children can share their thoughts and experiences with their parents

Day 11: 5th October at Banaras

Rally Marathon at the Holy City!

It was a marathon day for route 2(Guwahati to Agra) with 9 continuous rallies in the holy city of Benaras. A series of events in 9 schools and colleges took place starting from Ambedkar Smarak to Bhadoi, a historical place for BBA and Mr. Satyarthi. Amongst the many marches, was one of the longest marches of this Yatra which was more than 5km long. Smt. Rekha Sharma from National Women Commission flagged off this march.

Around 10,000 children and youth were mobilised during these marches. Our Highly enthusiastic team got an opportunity to express their heightened spirits through dancing and singing of campaign songs and other inspirational songs. The arrival of Chaurasiaji gave a new energy and motivation to the team. Students from Gramodaya ITI, 100 Battalions from U.P. College, Association for People Section, Apex College Of Physiotherapy and Nursing, Asmita Childline, Childline Varanasi Mano Vikaas Sewa Sansthan, U.P. college students, Mahila Samakhya, students from Maa Saraswati Intermediate College, Swami Shradhanand Saraswati College and LBS Intermediate School participated in these rallies along with our core marchers from Gauhati led by Dr Sampurna Behura . Thousands of children, youth and adults have pledged to create a safe Banaras for children.

Rally Marathon!

1st Event Dr. Bhimrao Smarak – Maldahiya Chauraha
2nd Event Maa Saraswati Intermediate College Chandpur Industrial Area-100 people
3rd Event Swami Shradhanand Saraswati Inter College, Govindpur, Rohaniya
4th Event 300 children form LBS intermediate school at Darekhoo, Jagatpur Varanasi
5th Rally Rajatalab – Police Chawki 3000
6th Kisan Intermediate School
7th Event SBP Inter College, Dhangaria, Mirzamurad, Varanasi
8th Event Balwanti Devi Intermediate College, Varanasi
9th Event Dr. Shambhunath Research Foundation and Mithailal Chand Balika Vidyalaya

Key Messages from Dignitaries

“Children are not safe even after a long struggle. It’s the collective responsibility of our society to save and protect our children. “ Shri. Vimal Kumar, Vice Principal, Kisan Intermediate School
“CSA is a very serious issue. We have come to your school because we believe that each one of you has potential and with your support we intend to spread the message of Bharat Yatra.“ Shri. Vimal Kumar, Vice Principal, Kisan Intermediate School

Day 12: 6th October at Allahabad

Public Event at Dr. Shyamaprasad College

The event started with a march from the Dr. Shyamaprasad College, Allahabad University wherein NSS and NCC cadets took part, led by NCC Coordinator of Allahabad University (AU), Ms. Manju Singh. At the culmination point, around 1 Km away from the college, Shri R.S. Chaurasia, General Secretary BBA addressed the gathering and reflected upon the past experiences vis-à-vis child rights and child exploitation. It was overwhelming to see how students had enthusiastically joined the march despite student’s elections in their college. The coordinator, Ms Manju Singh read out a message from Vice Chancellor of AU in which he has apologized for not having done a huge event due to student’s elections and promised to support us in all our future endeavors. Everyone took the pledge to make Allahabad and Uttar Pradesh safe for children after which a small press interaction was also held.

Key Messages from Dignitaries

“We want government to take strict actions and ensure no offender and perpetrator of abuse is left.”- Shri RS Chaurasia
“Bharat yatra and the organization are standing for a noble cause. You have sown seeds inthe city. We promise to do everything in our capacity to further this cause.”- Ms. Manju Singh, NCC Coordinator, Allahabad University

Day 13: 7th October at Barethi, Lucknow

Student Interaction Session at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College

Mr Pankaj Aggarwal and Ms Pooja Aggarwal who have together built the university, started the event with their address. They welcomed Shri Kailash Satyarthi and his wife along with the core marhcers. Soon after, Cabinet Minister in the government of Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Rita Bahuguna, showed her immense support to the cause by talking about the good work Mr. Satyarthi has been doing in the field of child rights. A pledge took place followed by the handing over of the symbolic torch by the Chair, Vice Chair Renuka Tandon, Dr Rita Bahuguna & Usha Vishwakarma to Shri Kailash Satyarthi. The gathering of around 2000 children was waiting eagerly to listen to their hero, Shri Kailash Satyarthi and their wait was over when he finally spoke in a very natural and casual manner; indicating his affinity with Lucknow, the native place of Ms Sumedha Kailash, his better half. He interacted with children on a one to one basis, which was reciprocated really well by the gathering. The most interesting part of the event was when Snehal, a young volunteer from BBA, launched the “Hummingbird application” which she had created with the help of technology and innovation for helping the cause for which Mr Satyarthi has been fighting. The ceremony was concluded with Mr A.K. Singh’s vote of thanks to all the dignitaries.

Key Messages from Dignitaries

“There are only a few like Mr. Satyarthi who see the world as one and look at the pain of others as their own. The work sir has done is selfless, we promise to join hands with you and further the cause that you have been working on.”- Mr Pankaj Aggrawal, Chancellor.
“We urge you (Mr. Kailash Satyarthi) to guide us guide us and lead us towards the change.We can together eradicate these evils. We need to look beyond ourselves. There is need to work together. If we don’t raise our voice. if we do not work towards changing mindsets and the condition of children our lives would be worthless.”- Ms. Reeta Bahuguna Joshi, Cabinet Minister in UP Government
“Technology can liberate, can be an easy and accessible medium to share information. Technology can help bring about a change”- Ms.Snehal Dhawan, volunteer “Relatives and family members are also perpetrators of CSA. Statistics prove that the most perpetrators are people known to the children. It is because of fear that they do not speak. In the name of so called honour they are silenced. “-Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2014
“If we go by statistics 15,000 cases of children in UP. 90 percent are still pending. If we assume that child abuse and exploitation is completely eradicated it would still take us almost 50 years to bring justice to the victims.”- Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2014

7th October at Lakhimpur Khiri

Student Interaction at Ajmani International School

Right after the event at Lucknow was over, the Karavan, led this time by Shri Kailash Satyarthi, left for Lakheempur Khiri, the land from where our long time well-wisher and friend- Mr Ravi Prakash Verma hails. The energy of the Yatris was twice as high primarily because their founder, Mr. Satyarthi was amongst them. A Small interaction at Ajmani International School took place where young children hosted all the Yatris.

Student Interaction at Guru Nanak Inter College

Dignitaries like Shri Kailash Satyarthi, Smt Sumedha Kailash, Shri Ravi Prakash Verma , MP Rajya Sabha, Smt Rekha Verma , MP BJP, Shri Ajay Mishra , MP BJP were present for this public gathering. There were around12,000 children from schools, colleges and other local public who took the pledge to make the country safe for children. A total of 20 schools and colleges participated for this event.

Student Interaction at Sardar Patel Kanya Intercollege

In a relatively rural part of Lakheempur, Shri Kailash Satyarthi ji and Smt Sumedha Kailash along with MP Shri Ravi Prakash Verma visited Sardar Patel Kanya Inter College School in the evening. Mr. Satyarthi had an interactive session with the children and the core marchers in this school.

Day 14: 8th October at Lakheempur Khiri

Public Event at Gola, Lakheempur

Shri Ravi Prakash Verma organized a huge public event. Ravi Prakash Verma at Krishak Samaj Inter College, Gola Lakheempur where around 10,000 children from various schools had participated.

Key messages from dignitaries

“I believe that the reason for the decay of Indian culture is the abuse of children. “ – Shri Ravi Prakash Verma, Rajya Sabha, MP “I have been waiting to come to Gola for the last 3 years. I dedicate Nobel to the children of my country and the world and all the people who have joined hands with me, struggled with me. Out of all the villages and towns, which recognized my efforts and supported me, Gola is my favourite. “- Shri. Kalash Satyarthi
“Whatever I have learnt and read about azadi i read it from the books. Reading and living, experiencing is a completely different experience. I felt liberated. I feel liberated after each and every recue even today. I realized the true meaning of freedom.”- Shri. Kalash Satyarthi

Thereafter, Kailash Sir had to leave. In the leadership of Shri Ravi Prakash Verma the core marchers from Gauhati had two more public meetings in BMG Bhagchan and Mohamaddi where a total of 300 people were present.

Day 16: 10th October at Agra 

Welcome of Yatra at the Gurudwara

The Bharat YatraGauhati stretch reached the city of Pethas – Agra on 9th October late at night. The scenic value of Taj Nagri grew as the night unveiled. Guru ka Taal Gurudwara where the core marchers were staying was soon lit up with colourful lights. Shri. Niroti Lal Budhha Sansthan, our BMG partner in Agra welcomed the team of Bharat Yatra next morning. Some representatives from the NGO, CRY and Bharti Shiksha Samiti (Community Radio) were also present. The team then visited our local partner RainbowHealthcare for breakfast.

Key Messages from the Dignitaries

“Today we see that 40% of the population is below 16 and India is one of the youngest nations and yet there’s exploitations. If you start talking about CSA, the awareness level will increase. It will widen the canvas.” – Dr . Jaideep Malhotra
“Children are silenced if they ever complain of bad touch. They need to be counseled and advised to speak up. “-Mahanta Yogesh Giri, Religious Leader
“Many times we get complains that the medical treatment of victims of CSA has been traumatic. We don’t see many doctors counsel victims. The role of doctors is very important.” Dr. Sampurna Behura , Yatra Lead , Gauhati
In an appeal to the medical counsels present, Ms. Sampurna Behura appealed that “Treat all victims of ‘child sexual abuse’ for free and also create a specific program for all children”.

Rally on the Streets of Agra

Starting from Rainbow Hospital, a 500 m long rally took place where various religious leaders, doctors, core marchers and representatives from various NGOS like CRY and SNBS participated. A pompous atmosphere was created on the streets of Agra. The march culminated at the historic, Guru Ka Taal Gurudwara wherein all the dignitaries from Hospital reached along with the core marchers. Naresh Parashar , CRY, Tularam child rights activist , Mr Rakesh Ahuja from My Rainbow Hospital , Smt Pooja from Community radio , Shri Ravi Aggarwal from rainbow Hospital , Maulana Umair Alan and Shri Ravi Kashyap from SNBS shared the Dias with other religious leaders .

Key messages from the dignitaries

“I give all my blessings to Yatris. Shri kailash Satyarthi has made us all very proud and the way in which he has returned to the society is great”- Mahanta Yogesh Giri ji
“I appeal to all religious leaders to talk about CSA with your disciples. Are the children sitting here who study at the Gurudwara aware of Child Rights or exploitations like CSA? NO. Therefore I request you all present here to break taboos and talk about it in Mandirs, Masjids and Gurudwaras .” -Dr. Sampurna Behura
“It’s important to talk to children about what touch makes them uncomfortable.”- Father Joseph, St Thomas Church
“On the one hand we compare children with god and on the other hand, we exploit them. Why are we doing this?” Shri Naresh Paresar, CRY

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